We know that there are huge benefits to feeling in control of your money but know that there are a lot of people that do not feel in control in this sort of situation. Many people have not had the benefit of having had any teaching about money and so they feel that they will not be able to understand any articles or information about it. This makes us sad, not only that people have a lack of self-confidence but also that articles are written in a way that people cannot understand. This is therefore why we have decided that we will provide information that is clear and easy to understand. We also hope that it is relevant to a lot of people as well. This means that a lot more people can be able to understand our articles than other information that they might come across. We, therefore, have the hope that we will be able to help lots of people to have a better understanding of finance and therefore be able to make better decisions with regards to their money. Rather than having to guess when making different financial decisions, we hope that people will start to realise that they can understand money matters and that they will be able to work out things more easily and therefore weigh up decisions better.